Monday, May 09, 2005

Finally..Exams are freaking over.. I can't believe how little sleep I have been surviving on these past 2 weeks..

I also can't believe how horrible my eye bags are.. To assure myself they weren't THAT bad, I took a photo of the myself whilst I was studying.. *Covers mouth Indian actress style* Arrrggghhh..Yucks.. I have like 20 passengers' over-the-limit baggage on my face.. Need sleep to recover bad cruelty of cruelty.. After the Econs paper, I had to drag myself to discuss and prepare for the DPP presentation. During that very *yawn* interesting discussion, I met someone I've always been waiting to meet..The even-more-zombified-than-me ThugChic! Finally I get to put a face to a name.. Darling you so need rest more than me. Don't be stressing the small stuff (Yeah rite, I'm a basket case when results are going to be released..So watch this space for future whinings about grades)

Headed to Bras Basah to get supplies for the presentation..I can't believe I've never been to the Art Friend shop.. Its so fucking cool.. I'm a sucker for ALL thing DIY.. But sadly most of my projects start with great enthusiasm but I lose interest and that's why I have half-sequinned blouses and half-finished paper crafts in my closet. The only thing I really finish are my cross-stitch projects.. I LOVE cross-stitch...Lil known secret actually. But I think I'm pretty darn good at it. *Slaps myself*

I have to go finish a 700 word reflection paper on my thoughts during the whole DPP process.. And also do some cognitive mapping.. And finish a 500 word part on leadership styles.