Wednesday, May 25, 2005

*Reaches for YET another tissue*

Sniff sniff.. I didn't know having the flu was so fun..

Blowing my brains out through my nose into countless tissues till my nose has turned a very fashionable shade of red and has become so scaly it can rival Barney the dinosaur's..

Turning wherever I sit, into a tissue-littered pig sty..

Popping endless amounts of Clarinese and yellow flu tablets (Also known as the Happy Pills) and drinking cups of not-so-reliable Panadol Hot Remedy..

The only good thing that has happened is that I have a very deep, husky voice like Phoebe in the episode where she gets sick and sings in this sexy voice and then gets better and wants the sexy voice back so she tries to get sick by inhaling all the germs left by Monica's tissues..

I know..I watch too much tv..

It doesnt help that I have this sprained nerve thinghy near my neck.. It hurts so bad and I feel stiff all over.. I can only sit and sleep in one position and walk reallllly straight.. *Mumbles*

On the other hand, I'm really excited about the IBM this Sat..I've even started planning what to wear.. Duh..I've been planning what to wear since the topic of meeting up started. But as ThugChic mentioned, what if we have nothing to say in person??? But highly impossible right, what with NINE INDIAN girls meeting up for the 1st time??? *Bites fingernails*

So what is everyone one else wearing?? Just so that I won't turn up overdressed (which is,sadly, often the case!!)

Buhbbai my babies *In sexy Phoebe voice*