Thursday, May 26, 2005

Is it corny if I say I miss him much...

Is it corny to say I wait and long for his once-a-week phone calls..

Is it corny to admit that my face lights up with a mile long grin when I know its him on the line..


Sigh.. My maid just asked me the other day if I didn't miss him at all.. Coz I was still dressing up and going out and chatting on the phone..

Well..I could have moped around the house with a woe begone expression on my face with my family waiting for me to burst into tears at any moment.. Coz that was how I felt right after I sent him off at the airport.

But I am pretty good at hiding my emotions especially from my family. Not a really good thing in the long run. I hide too much behind my veil and reveal very little. And I did feel better after the 1st week.

But I do have bouts of 'missingness' especially,

*When I see his pic on my phone's screensaver,

*When I go to the gym (What to do..the guy's a gym rat),

*When I see the can of Red Bull in the fridge and remember how much he would scold me for drinking it and then secretly buying it for me when I begged and begged for it coz I needed it for exams with a promise of never drinking it again.

*When I see the dried bouquets of roses in my balcony

*When I pass by Ang Mo Kio MRT station

*When ppl ask me "Where's Shawn?"

*When I think of KL

*When I am all alone at night and I can't sleep..So I go thru all the pics in my phone and miss him like mad.


I know..I'm a pathetic-in-love sad case.

So sue me.. *Grins*

(P/S: I know this must be extremely nauseating for Sunil and Sujitha..But who cares!)