Saturday, May 28, 2005

IBM was awesome!!!

I was late..As usual.. And a group of 8 women stood waiting for me at Woodlands MRT.. Thankfully all with smiles on their faces and not you-are-sooo-in-trouble looks..

All my fears of "Oh shit we are going to have awkward silences" quickly disappeared as soon as we started walking into CWP.. Conversation flowed as if we knew each other since forever.. 9 indian women clicking so fast is quite a feat..

Of course we had to go window shopping.. And of course we had to pig out.. So Swenson's it was.. Over Coit Towers and Sticky Chewy Chocolates, we talked, laughed over dirty jokes and had a good time 'eye washing' one particular waiter.. *Smiles*

It was strange at first to call each other by their real names but I got used to it fast. I think I shocked the hell outta all the babes when I revealed I haven't danced the horizontal dance before and that Shawn is my very first bf.. *Grins* I know..I don't look like the virginal sort huh?

What more can I say about the meeting..It kicked major ass.. Need I say more?

IB Babes!!

From left to right: ThugChic,Ambi, Ket, Me, Kaanz, Moon, Pinks, Desimadness and Hudz

Can't wait for the next meeting..We should make it a shopping one.. Preferably after the 9th of June..That's when my personal ATM comes back from Taiwan!

Sigh.. It was a wonderful afternoon..Was great hanging out with all females after a LONG time. IBM was a freaking great success!