Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Yes peeps..Once again I've been cheated out of being connected with the rest of the world...Yes.. I am computerless once again!!

My computer's stinking motherboard was fried..Just 1 month after I replaced my hard drive...Couldnt the stinking guy have noticed anything before??

Sighz...So went to get a new pc at Courts during the Comex weekend so it was cheaper!! Got a spanking new computer,new printer and totally unrelated new microwave oven! Haha..Can't wait for the comp to come!!

So here I sit again in the sch's comp lab..doing projects supposedly..But sneaked off to surf the net.. Haha..I'm up to my hairline in projects.. Have a presentation on Friday which we soooo have not prepared the data for..SPSS anyone???

Oooo..Happy belated Onam wishes everyone!! Stuffed Shawn with vegetarian food when he came over on Sat...We had like 11 different kinds of vegetarian food!

Aaahhh..have to get back to the discussion..