Thursday, August 12, 2004

I haven't been updating as much as I would like to coz I have deadlines approaching... The most impt one being this Fri for this mind stretching subject called OE..You don't wanna know..

So that explains why I am up at 1am in the morning..I am only up at this time of the night when:

1) I am clubbing
2) There's CSI on AXN
3) There's Charmed on Starworld
4) I'm out with my bf

Since I am NOT doing any of the above..i should be in bed under my comforter, hugging my bolster...Hmmph..

How funny is Spore Idol??? Don't ppl know that we can recognize them on streets here?? Its not like AI where we make fun,laugh and then forget abt it...Here we actually do take time to point in public and laugh... I know I will if I ever see that Lemon Tree Guy...Hahha..

Gtg piece my project together..