Wednesday, August 25, 2004

My ER 1500 word essay was due today at 5pm...Yesterday I switched on my PC, clicked on A drive and tried to access my file...BUT NOOOOoooo!! It didn't wanna open.. Only that bloody particular file in the entire disk could not open!! And me being the kuku I am, didn't have a backup to my disk..So after one hour of trying to retrieve my complete-one week's worth of effort-1500 word essay- I gave up and admitted to myself that I had to bloody redo one week's worth of work in half a day..As I had to give the file to my mum to print at her workplace at 9pm..and it was already 1pm..Aaargghh..Major panic..

So I sat down and typed and typed..reffered and read..typed and typed..And ya know wat??

The new one was way better than the old-missing-in-my computer one..

Yes..i actually produced a better piece of work in 8 hrs than in 1 week..Amazing...This is why I love me!! Chehhhhhhhh....hehehe..

It was such a relief to slip the project into the project box..2 down..6 to go...

More blogging later..