Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Bitch..Slut..Whore..Bloody Fucking bitchoholic SLUTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!

Aaahhh...That feels so much better...I've wanted to do that since Sunday but Blogger did not let me sign in..*Grumbles* Know how meeting one crappy person can spoil your whole day?? Let's just say that almost happened...

Anyhoo...Up to my armpits in projects..I absolutely loathe citing and referencing.. Its soooo bloody tedious and cumbersome..Writing an essay is not that tough but to be able to cite from at least 10 different sources is another thing.. Stoopid regulations..

I watched Catwoman yesterday at JE Entertainment..There was this annoying couple right behind us..I have to explain that the rows of seats in JE are bloody close together.. I was disgusted to notice the bloody fucker sitting right behind me took off his bloody shoe and had one stinking leg across the other!!!His foot was gonna make contact with my hair!!!! I had to maintain my straight back posture for like 10 mins,whilst I made sure no one else was gonna come and sit in the seat next to me..Then I got up,shot the bloody fucker a dirty look and changed seats.. Ewwww...how gross rite..You come theatre and treat it like your bloody stinking house..

On the other hand Catwoman was okie I guess..I only watched the movie for Halle Berry..OMG wat a bod!! Mmmmmm..Ooops...there goes my lesbian tendencies..Hahahahaaaa

Yikes...gtg finish another essay..