Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Hey..I can do this!!!!

I bet most of you can as well rite?? I'm just a lil late..

*Blows nose* Yesh..I have the dreaded flu!! Again..I'm prone to the flu bug..I get it like once a mth..Every mth!! It soo sucks.. Having to go to school and do projects whilst your head feels like its filled with a ton of bricks..

RMIT's having a bash at Centro this fri at 9pm till late..I'll prob go coz its free for me..since i paid 15 bucks during registration..and i get 2 drinks as well..For members of the public i think its 18 bucks with 2 drinks.. I havent been to Centro at all..Have no freaking clue how the music's gonna be..I bet its techno..Fuckin Techno....I hate techno!!!! Oh well...student bonding and all that crap laa..

Mmmmm...Smell that?? That's Choc Chip cookies baking in the oven...My oh-so-clever sister voluteered ME to bake them for HER thinghy at Sentosa this sat..Quite clever ah...NOT!!!

Okie gonna watch CSI..