Sunday, August 22, 2004

I really was not looking forward to this weekend..But suprisingly it wasnt too bad... I took loads of photos..So that would explain the load of photos here.. I left to meet my baby around 3 plus.. Took a cab to Costa Sands coz he couldnt get the car.. He took the photo when I was sorta snoozing off in the cab..

In the cab..
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I was so suprised when I saw the amount of effort they took to decorate the place..But it's also because it was a joint celebration for me and Mark...I got bored after my bath coz the rest went swimming..So that would explain the two below self obsessed-self taken pics...Haha..

In the room
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Self Obsessed..
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See...The deco quite nice right...They actually went to buy all these stuff..There were loads more inside but I didn't post them here...

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And this is my cake!!! If you notice, the bloody people at Sweet Secrets apelt my name Sumiha...Hahaha..But i forgived them after tasting the cake...Another orgasmic Chocolate fudge experience.. ;)

My Cake!!
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This always happens!!! But at least its not with the cake..I got the bulk of the spray-ie string-ie stuff...It stuck onto my hair for ages..

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Eeeee....I look so gross in this pic..But it was the only one with my prezzies!! I got flowers!!! But not from my ironic right...My first bouquet was from my friends and not my bf..He felt quite bad..But I understand coz he's not the flowers-obvious romantic kinda guy.. But it felt damn good to get flowers..And the CD in the pic is a choccie CD!! So cute right...

Me and my prezzies...

Some side shot I took of my bf..He's so cute laa...Brought me for midnight walk along the pool all..I was so suprised!!

My babyyyy...

I just had to put in a shot of my flowers again...So nice right...Hehehe

My flowers...

And to think that my birthday is tommorrow...And I've already celebrated it to the max!! What's with my sentence structuring..I guess it's from the lack of sleep..Disnt get to sleep till 7 in the morning and woke up at 10!! happens at all the chalets...

Wonder what's in store for me tommorrow..On my actual birthday!!!

I love me...