Saturday, January 13, 2007

I met Sarah! I met Sarah!! Hehee..aka Sassychix..Now I knew abt this gorgeous woman for a long time..Always have admired her makeup skills and her tell it all blogging style. So one fine day I receive a Friendster msg from her saying she loves my blog! So it started from there..So we've been planning to meet for quite some time but only managed to last week..And what fun it was. From corset buying at Dorothy Perkins to lunch at Swensons to random bitching!
So I reserved a table at my favourite chill out place at the moment..Cafe Iguana!! It had been so long since me and girls got together for some quality time.Plus I've been craving their signature drink..See below..

The MACHO margarita!! Hehehe..Yummyyyyyy..I had the entire mango one by myself!*Drools*

The food's not too bad too..I enjoyed my tuna enchillda..With yummy cheese..Mmm..

Saras on the other hand preferred her dessert..Sauteed bananas with ice cream.Heavenly..

Joanne had her own strawberry margarita.We had so many coz it was half price till 9pm..So each maragarita was only 15 bucks! Which is soo worth it..After margarita-ing I went to Phunk with Michael and his frens..Spontaneous fun,drinks and dancing..I had a very happy Friday! Though I was half dead in the morning when I had to wake up to go for threading classes with Sarah..Yes..Threading classes!!

Me with my thread!! Hehee..I didnt know it was so much work! I have to keep practicing like crazy though. We're taking classes at this lil salon in Selegie. Sarah's so funny laa.She cracks me up plus she's so pretty..I could keep looking at her eyes all day..Hehee.*Blush*

Oh and you'll never guess what shop recently opened along Selegie..A lingerie shop!! Omg so cute laa.All the stuff's very pretty and very affordable..The price range is like $3-$20!! Cheap no?

*Yawns* I need sleep.I've been staying up WAY too late these days..And I have the eye bags to prove it. Bleh.