Thursday, January 18, 2007

Busy busy 2 weeks..And since I've been too busy to blog..I've decided to do a random post..Ya know random things that come to my mind..Enjoy my NANSENSE..Haha..

* I adore smelling like fruits..I do..That's why I am a HUGE ass Bodyshop fan.My friends who stay over call my room a mini Watsons. Coz I have that many lotions,creams,soaps..Which all smell like fruits.

*I get bored easily. Be it homework,work,exercise or men. I need variety.

*I believe the man ALWAYS pays on the 1st date.No matter how feminist we all claim to be, its always nice when the man pays the 1st time. So stop being a miser and PAY! You'll earn brownie points instantly.

*If I actually find a man who doesnt want something from me and just wants to be with me for me..I might actually pass out and DIE..

*I still think Tyra Banks is a hot mama.

* I've started to realise that I am ogling more women than men..Hmmm.

*Contrary to popular belief (looks at Joanne), I do not, repeat, DO NOT have enough clothes. I have old clothes..Plenty..But nothing I would be caught dead in now.

*I admit I have a shoe addiction. *Blushes* I have shoes I haven even taken out of the box yet. Sue me..

*I wanna get my dip in cosmetology..soon..

*Dating used to be fun..Now I just feel jaded at times.But then the next hot guy comes along and I feel all better.Hahaha

*I love my thou very much. *winks*

*I want pink streaks in my hair.Badly.

*I like ppl patting me on my head..Makes me feel like a small girl..Haha.

*I hate awkward silences..So if I start rambling on and on, just slap me.I'll shut up. But that's after giving you a jab for slapping me.

Okiee..I cant think of any more randomness..If you want to add on to the list..Be my guest. Maybe I'll find out something abt myself I never knew before.