Thursday, January 25, 2007

Now we women have been shoe addicts for a long ass time. We just can't help walking past a shoe store without peeking in. And we sometimes get a mini orgasm after purchasing that fabulous pair of red heels at a discounted price..
Okie maybe its just me that gets the mini orgasm.
Anyhoo..Ppl have been asking about my growing shoe collection and my best friend has strict orders from my mother never to let me buy another pair of shoes. That's why I like shopping alone!!
So I present to you my lovely shoes..And these are not it.I have several others..But I was too lazy to take them out of the boxes.
And a closer look at my more interesting and favourite pairs..These are my dominatrix-goth clubbing shoes.. Pair them with red lipstick and you're good to go.*Winks*

Oooo..My bargain find from Payless Shoes in Melbourne..I think I got them for like 15 bucks only! But like most of my shoes,I've only worn them once!

Ahhhh..My red laus..I ADORE my red heels..But I haven gotten a chance to wear them yet coz most of my dates have been..ahem..vertically challenged..So heels are a no-go..But still..*Drools*

My slut interview shoes..I adore wearing these heels to interviews and presentations..Makes me feel very Lucy Liu like in Charlie's Angels..Just give me a whip and a black suit..*Meow*

My favourite clubbing heels..I've been wearing this pair out. But it goes with almost everything I wear to club..*Sayangs*

Hehe..Sumi was being naughty last week and secretly bought this pair for only $25 at Charles and Keith..Such a buy!

And then we have the 'what was I thinking heels'..Hehe..The psycho ex had a 'whore effect' fetish..And bought me these heels..Which I call my whore shoes..And can you believe I have clubbed,ran to catch a cab and shopped in these shoes? *Cringes*

Hehe..I LOVE my shoes..And I want more..

On another note..My mum turned 50 yesterday!! I know you're expecting the sentimental post at this moment.But I'll do that on sat after her suprise party..

Okie..Watching American Pie:Naked Mile now..How cool is the internet??? Hahha