Saturday, January 27, 2007

It was a 'Happy High' clubbing outing with the 2 besties-male and female. It was spontaneous,laugh out loud at nothing in special kinda fun. And I didn even drink la!! Okie I didn drink much..Vodka cranberry rocks my world. Seriously..It does. And I did thou's smokey eye makeup complete with glitter eyeliner and she looked HAWT! Finally she let me use darker colours on her and true enough she pulled the look off..(You can thank me later Ms James..Hehe)

I went for threading class like a zombie and let Sarah do my full face..Wahhhhhh..Its not her fault laa..Coz I've never done full face before..But it hurt like HELL!! But I do look a tad bit fairer now..Hehehe..

And I dunno why this happened but I was walking back home listening to Mary J Blige's No More Drama on my Mp3 player and tears just started flowing. The more I listened to her lyrics the more I started reflecting upon my own life. And every single word just made so much sense.

"No more drama in my life no ones gonna make me hurt again"

It feels so good when you let go
Of all the drama in your life
Now you're free from all the pain
Free from all the games
Free from all the stress
So find your happiness
Only god knows where the story ends for me
But i know where the story begins
Its up to us to choose
Whether we win or lose
And i choose to win

Now..I have to blog about people who are in denial about ME being in denial. You know who you are..Look..You don't know me.And you probably never will. Don't come and tell me I'm in denial about my ex. Seriously.And don't come and tell me men will be men and we women have to 'adjust' and live with the grave mistakes the men make. What kind of women are you?? And NEVER tell me how to live my life and telling me that I am potraying a wayward image of myself on my blog. Ppl can judge me all they want and I know YOU are just dying to believe I am a party girl who sleeps around but I know myself and I believe I make right decisions..The one wrong decision I made was probably 5 yrs ago when I let the cheating ex back into my life after finding out he cheated once. Why you people keep him on a fuckin pedestal,I have no clue..But don't annoy me by telling me I am in denial. THAT pisses me off BIG time. Coz you have NO fukkin clue.