Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

I had soooooo much fun with my two lovelies..It didn matter we missed the countdown at the club..All that did matter was that we were together for the moment..We we walking along Clarke Quay when we heard the countdown from all the clubs..So we just counted down along with the masses of ppl along Clarke Quay.

And as everyone predicted we ended up in Gotham.We couldnt help it. We knew we would have a fantastic time no matter what. Ham was back rocking the console!! Great music,best friends and a wonderful crowd..What more could one ask for?

Then I logged onto Friendster to write a birthday testi for a mutual fren of mine and the psycho ex's. And this was part of the testi from the psycho.."also through out tis miserable six years i had with some people.."

Fuck you till the cows come home..I wont deny we had our bad times but ask anyone and I will say we had our good times too..So for you to proclaim you were suffering and miserable for 6 yrs is BULLCRAP!!! I hope you burn in hell for everything you've done to hurt me you spineless, ball-less,good for nothing piece of turd.

Phew..That felt good. And a piece of advice.. Dont start calling me and threatening me coz of this post. I WILL call the cops on you this time.I swear to god.I refuse to suffer in silence anymore.

Now that that's over.. A big hello to Zee,a fellow blogger friendd of Ja's, who was at Gotham and actually said Hi!! I was pleasantly suprised coz alot of ppl dont say hi even though they know me. And it was nice to bump into Michelle as well..*Hugs*

I need sleep..