Sunday, January 21, 2007

What an eventful weekend..Spontaneous Momo clubbing with Michael and his friends..And when Ganesan turned up, it just got better..Okay let me start by clarifying the status of Ganesan and myself..Contrary to popular belief, we are NOT a couple and we are NOT happily attached.. Thank you very much.. Ganesan is sorta like my male bestie..My fellow Jurong West kaki,3am movie cum bitching partner who gives me advice on the male species which can be hard to digest at times but which I know is true. That's why I am comfortable enough to post such dumb ass pics of us on my very public blog..Coz I know what I have with him is pure friendship. Another reason we will never be a couple is coz we know WAY too much about each other to even consider anything..Hahahaha..So hopefully this post clears the air..Coz we've been both getting info from ppl that we are a happy couple..Sheeshhhhhh..

*Yawns* I SO need more sleep. Seriously.

(P.S:Ganesan is not Ganesan's real name..Its what I call him..He likes to go by the name of Nesh. Hahahaha)