Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What a week of shopping!! I was happily spending money like water..But how could I resist..Especially this glitter eyeliner from MAC..OMG..I am in love with this peacocky colour at the moment..From eyeshadow to bags..So when I saw this I just HAD to get it..

And this is how it looks like on..Though I didnt really draw a very thick line..But the effect is pretty dramatic in person..I like!!

And I've been in a very corset-y mood these days..And with all the sales going on..I found 2 great corsets at great prices..The first is from Dorothy Perkins..Was around $33 only! The 2nd one's from Topshop, reduced to $39 from $93!! *Drools*

My new obsession..Clutches!! I have like 6 clutches already and I love them all..This one was a steal at John Little..20 bucks only!

So yesterday I made plans with Sarah to meet up..And the woman brought me to the promised land called Sephora! *Faints* I swear I heard Hallelujah playing in the background when I saw the counter..I just didnt know what to buy first! In the end I just got one yummy lipgloss..But i swear I'm going back tommorrow..

Then Sarah brought me to Harry's Bar at Boat Quay coz her bf Dave works there..And me being the Harry's Bar virgin got all excited coz I got to try the yummy cocktails! I had something called the Harry's Bellini which had loads of champagne in it and a Mountain Breeze I think..Alcohol+Yummy cheese bites+sizzling conversation+hot Sarah=1 very fun Tues night out!

Then I got all sick in the middle of the night..But who cares coz I am happily watching back to back episodes of The L Word online!! Who doesnt enjoy an entire drama series dedicated to lesbians?? *Winks*