Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Aiyohhh...My whole body is aching..After a whole week of resting at home(recovering from the flu), I started going to the gym again..2 days and I'm whacked! I have such a love-hate relationship with the gym. On one hand I know its really good for me..Coz i lost like 10kg 2 yrs ago coz I went to the gym religiously..I mean seriously..I was a fanatic.Every single day I ran for like 20 mins at an average speed of 8 on the treadmill and then about an hour of weight lifting..I lost the weight and then became lazy and stopped going for a while..BOOM..The weight came back on..slowly but surely!! Basket! So i know I have to keep going to maintain the weight loss..But just the bloody idea of waking up and travelling to the gym every day...Ewwww... Luckily(or not!) my bf keeps getting me to go with him,so i can't make excuses for not going..Sighz..To have the perfect body and not worry all the time..

Oh well..One can always wish right??(rolls eyes at herself)

I wish i had my camera with me today..I was at the MRT station today..and some girl was sitting down outside the station and was displaying her G-string for the whole world to see! Okay..Given,the G-string was very nice..I was tempted to ask her where she got it..BUT the thing is...it was very obvious..not just the top part but till her butt crack! Quite gross actually..Damn..A photo would have been so much more clearer..I'm so mean!

Talking about my camera..My darling ixus could not be switched on no matter what..So my brother brought it back to the shop to get it looked at..The guy said they didnt know what the problem was and needed a week to find out!!! I want my digi backk!! Sniff..So many photo ops wasted!Eg: Monica's song competition(She got 2nd..She deserved 1st..She was robbed by a talentless shit!), My clubbing outing on Sat(I wore a very nice dress and Shawn looked delectable too!),and other fashion mistakes i saw around town...Hehe..Bad Sumi

Okie..Gtg watch Smallville now..