Sunday, May 30, 2004

My Rose!!

Oww..I sorta twisted my ankle falling down steps..I'll tell ya how shortly.. Soo yesterday I pretty much planned to stay at home,eat spaghetti and watch VCDs..But then the urge to go clubbing hit me straight in the face and since Anandhi had already asked me to come clubbing at Explosive,I called Shawn and rounded up a few other friends to go..

But as usual,Shawn's friends can't go clubbing without drinking first so they bought this disgusting tasting beer called Amsterdam..Eee..I don't drink beer at all but they made me try a sip..Yuck I really felt like puking.. So we finally entered the plce like around midnight..When I walked in Niru(Anandhi's sis,who's like events coordinator or something) gave me this rose!!

The place was filled with Indian Mediacorp artistes and the music was good..All in all it was a pretty good night! I danced alot and one of my irc friends(whom I never met before) came up and said..SumiSweet right?? I was shocked that he could recognize me..

Anyhoo..I was made to finish off the drinks at the end of the night and that was what made me fall down the stairs when I was leaving the club..Thank god I was one of the last to leave and only Shawn was next to me..So bloody paiseh! When I woke up today I had bruises down my left leg and scrapes on my hands..And of course I had the twisted ankle..Haha..But I had a really good time..

Flintstones..Meet the Flintstones..I gtg watch it nowwww!!