Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Phew..just got back after a whole day of roaming outside..Went to AIA to sort out my insurance,then went to Funan Centre to get my camera(finally!),then my dad brought us to Zam Zam to eat murtabak..Mmmmmm..Then finally we went to Tekka to buy groceries..Aiyoh so tired..although i did travel in the car!

My day at the gym yesterday was okay i guess..PF actually came up to me and said'Wait I need to look at my inspiration before I start'..HAhahhaa...I was like super embarrased coz alot of people heard.But quite ego boosting laa..

Harrryyyyy Potterr's so close..June 4th..And they're finally showing the first movie on Ch 5..like after 3 yrs since the movie came out!

Okie..I gtg finish reading The Prisoner of Azkaban AGAIN..So that I'll be prepared for the movie!