Friday, May 28, 2004


I just love my eyeshadow in this pic..By the by..these are 2 of my bestest friends,Joanne and Saras..This was taken on my first day in Brisbane..We went to Surfer's Paradise in Goldcoast and we were going clubbing when we took this pic..I bought that top for like 10 bucks!

I went to pay my fees at SIM today..%5000 plus leh!! So heart pain..That's why I wanted to use NETS so that I won't be actually hand over the physical notes..But they forgot to mention that the daily NETS limit is $2000!(Actually I should have known,since I worked in a bank previously..But hey!) So poor Shawn had to drive me back to my house to get the money from my mum and then go back again..So bloody irritating..Hmmph.

My hair's in two buns at the moment..I got the idea from this other ..Its to make your curls look really good..So I'm giving it a try..Check out her blog for this idea and also a good read.

Oooo..Lil Rascals are on..You are sooo beaauutiful to meeeee.. I gtg watch it now..