Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Me and Shawn at the airport

Hehe..Just testing out this feature of Blogger..It's called Hello and it's so easy to use..Yay..But I had to use this dumb looking photo of me and my bf at the airport..I'm tired and I look like shit..Damn..Oh well..I shall upload more photos later..I don't look this bleh all the time!

Pradhana Vizha is this Sunday..i hope I can get tickets to go..Should be fun going to watch who's wearing what and also check out the overdressers and fashion mistakes. I mean most Indian artistes nowadays dress very well but there ARE some who can't dress up for nuts..Quite sad actually since they are in the public eye most of the time.

Okay okay..I'm not saying I look perfect all the time..But I do take the effort to look good when I go out coz when you look good, you feel good...Believe me, there have been times I'm tempted to just leave the house in my glasses,trackpants and slippers..But me being me, I ALWAYS wear contacts and heels(Heels being a staple in my life as I think my legs are too short..My friends always are disgusted with me when I wear heels with them coz I'm pretty tall without heels and they are pretty short!!) I just feel naked without my heels..Hmm i should post a photo of all my heels!! But I dun think there will be enough space here..Looks thoughtful