Friday, May 21, 2004

Woohoo..I got into SIM! My mum woke me up at the ungodly hour of 8am to tell give me the acceptance package.ACtually it arrived on the 17th of May but it has been sitting in my letterbox since then because SOME people(stares at my maid and mum) did not open the letter box for 1 week plus..Hmph..Oh well,all is fogiven coz I got in!

After the initial excitement died down,I realized what this meant.No more waking up at 10am,no more morning TV,no more Oprah at 1pm! What it does mean is more lectures and tutorials,projects,travelling to school and STUDYING! Sheesh what have I gotten myself into? Hehe..

What a disappointment the gym turned out to be..My darling PF was not there!But I did bump into 2 of my secondary school mates in the changing room of the gym. Been so long since I last saw them and one of them is currently doing the same degree program as me in SIM and since I'm going direct into 2nd year,I'll probably end up with her as she just finished her 1st yr now..Yay..At least I have one kaki with me.

I'll probably be going out to celebrate my acceptance later..Any excuse to go out to eat! But what I really want to do is finally watch 50 first dates..I don't even know if it's still showing in theatres.Hmph..When it first came out I was in Aust so I couldn't watch and as my bf's not a fan of comedies(actually all he watches are movies with vampires and ghosts,so bloody irritating),h has been putting the movie date off for so long.

My brother just bought two new Archie comics so I gtg and finish them now..