Thursday, May 20, 2004

Don't you wish you were here??

Chocoholics everywhere..You guys have not lived till you have tried this wonderfully sinful Italian hot chocolate..Mmmm Slips off into her dreamland where she's surrounded by cups of Italian chocolate.. Unfortunately you would either need to be either living in or visiting Brisbane in order to taste this fanfuckingtastic drink.. My friends brought me to this row of cafes at this place called Milton in Brisbane to specifically get me to try this drink (They know about me and chocolates!).. I was abit hesitant at first coz I don't normally like hot drinks but I gave it a shot..Thank God I did..You have to try it to know why I'm rambling on and on about it..Sighz..I wish I was back there.. 2 weeks was just NOT enough.

Don't I look like one of those food-travel show hosts?? I give this place 5 thumbs up..Oh go away and let me enjoy the drink