Thursday, May 20, 2004

Me with short hair 3 years back..

I think I looked pretty nice then..This was when I lost all that weight..Drools.. But my boyfriend,being the typical Indian bf,refuses to let me cut my hair short..Quite unfair since he first saw me and courted me when I had EVEN shorter hair..Hmph..

How cool is PhotoBlogging?!? And it's sooooo easy! I can't even decide what photos to post..But I need my camera back first so I can take new photos..But my brother is too busy with his schoolwork to go get it from the shop..You may ask why can't I go..Ah well, I'm just plain lazy!! Hahaha..Ooo.and my brother got a part time job at Pizza Hut..Yay free pizza! I'm SO going to his outlet once he starts work to get him to serve me..I'm such an evil sister.

Gym..Gym..Bloody freakin GYM!!! As you can guess,I'm not particularly happy about going to the gym later..Who can blame me? Have you noticed the bloody weather nowadays??? Who exercises in these weather conditions?? Unfortunately the answer to my last question would be my wonderful bf..Sigh.But then again..Looking at this photo makes me more determined..Oh crap who am I kidding,I HATE THE FREAKING GYM!!! But I'll go because there is a guy crushing on me there!! Haha..quite hilarious actually..Let's call him PF (Planet Fitness)..It's this guy who's sorta friends with my bf and he's VERY into bodybuilding and this clever person actually went to tell my bf that he likes how I look and that I motivate him to lift heavier when he sees me..HAhahaa...I couldn't stop laughing when I found out.But he's harmless and he's quite cute.It's fun to see my bf jealous.

Some guys at the gym have HUGE egos..Wait,make it ALL guys. I mean some of them come for a day or two and start flexing their non-existent muscles in the mirror.Do they know how absolutely ridiculous they look?? And then we have the muscle heads who have muscles growing everywhere..They'll come to the gym in big loose T-shirts and talk small talk with each other, then start stripping to really miniscule singlets which look like they're gonna burst any minute..Since they're already ripped,they spend their time supposedly teaching some puny looking guy who in returns feeds their ego with adoration and praise for their huge ass muscles.. It's like watching a comedy sometimes in the gym.And only for $2.50!!