Monday, March 26, 2007

Yay..The Zoo!!! Hehehe..

As usual Ms James was late so Saras and myself helped ourselves to curry puffs..Mmm.

I adored the white tigers! So majestic. The lions were a disappointment though. I REALLY wanted to see the lions. All I saw were the lionesses lazing in the sun. Hmph.

We sprung a birthday cake suprise on Saras at the Elephant show!! Hehee. I bet you've never cut a cake at the zoo before, right Sarasii!!

The birthday girl insisted we feed the elephants so we bought a basket of fruits and fed the lil elephant! I swear elephants are my new favourite-st animal.

With the 2 whom matter the most..Awwww..I laus you guys many many!

No matter how hard I try NOT to club every weekend, I still end up clubbing due to one reason or another.This weekend the reason being Sathais's suprise birthday party at Bumblebees. I had a bloody good time plus I didn consume alcohol! Yeah I'm trying to cut down.I realise my liver cant take much abuse. I had an awesome time dancing with Ananthi! Plus something else happened that has been making me smile whenever I think about it. *Happy sigh plus googly eyes*

And that concludes my exciting weekend. Hope you had an equally smashing weekend!!
I'm gonna go have an Ugly Betty marathon now.