Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ive been having a blogger's block these days..Explains why my blog has been pretty picture heavy. You can't blame me..I have nothing else to blog about..

On to happier news..One of my besties, Saras is getting hitched!! I am sooooooo happy for her..Though she could have said something earlier instead of waiting till my shrimp was in my mouth. I almost choked!! But oh joy..I get to do her makeup on her special day. Congrats my darlin!!

And of course when I told my mum this news, she started with her daily nonsense of, "So when are you planning to settle down and give me grandkids? You know when I was your age, I gave birth to you already..Blah blah blah". So as usual, I tuned her out till she was done and just gave her a power bang bang look..That shut her up. Sheesh.

I don't understand why people keep pressurising me to get settled down. I mean, it'll happen when it happens! Seriously..I cant just pull a guy off the street and get married to him just to make ppl happy. Maybe that's why I'm so reluctant to open myself up to a having a rship. Coz ultimately I would like my next rship to be my last..Meaning I would want it to last forever. Sound whimsical but who doesnt want the fairy tale ending. So that's why I dont wanna settle with any guy who seems interested in me for the sake of being in a rship. If I did that I would have been attached a LONG time ago.

Okie okie..Lets not get all depressed. Its a Thursdayyyyyyyyyy..And you know what that means.. MOS babyyy!! Hehehe..I want another flashing red ice cube! I promised to 'steal' an extra one for Ganesan too.But it all depends if I decide to go. Me and my moods.