Friday, March 23, 2007

So I got a new laus..

My Sony Ericsson K800i Cybershot with 3.2 mp camera!!!! Woohhooooooo...

Hehehe..And what's my current fav ringtone? Kamasutra of course..*winks*

I am also in love with Cafe Del Mar!! *swoons* What a SEXY place!!! Unfortunately I dont have pics to show ya.But trust me it's gonna my new fav hangout. The beach,beds,alcohol and topless men.What more could you ask for??

I've been in a funk the whole week. I seem to attract men from the extreme ends of the spectrum. The creepy ones who just wanna sleep with me and the creepy ones who want to marry me within days of knowing me. I'm so confused and annoyed with the world. Can you tell I'm pre PMSy??

I cant wait for our Zoo outing tml..Yes the Zoo..I love the Zoo. We're celebrating Saras's bd at the Zoo coz she didn want the normal clubbing celebration.Which made sense coz I'm getting sick of that shit too. Not clubbing per se..But clubbing on your bd.

As you can also tell..I'm NOT in a blogging mood. But I tried.

Maybe I'll be happier after looking at lions and elephants.