Thursday, March 29, 2007

Okie so I got bored of my old template..And I needed some colour in my life..But changing the template is a bitch!!! Since Haloscan decided to be an ass and not be compatible with the new Blogger..All my comments from my lovelies are GONE..Blehhh...I hate my life.

But I still like my template..If I can work out the kinks..Its quite me..For now at least..

And Sarah darlin decided to photoshop one of my pics whilst she was obviously bored at work..Hahaha..Yesh yesh I KNOW its obviously edited so dont start msging me abt how fake I look..I happen to like it!! Hehehe..Thank you my lau..

Ooooo..I'm going for Pradhana tml..Super last min decision. But I'm going to support Ananthi and Movesh!! Now what to wear!!! *Scratches head*

Now that I think abt it..I may change the blogskin again..Im not a very blue person..Hmmmm..Wat do you think??

Oooo Grey's Anatomy..


PS:I changed it to another skin which I LOVE.. ;)