Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Okie..Ya know what irritates the crap outta me???

On Friendster that is..

Ppl with bloody annoying backgrounds, eg: Picture of themself..Like seriously, if I wanted to see your pores blown up x 100, I would follow ya around with a magnifying glass..

Ppl with not 1, not 2 but 4 music videos playing on the page.. Why?? Why would I want to come to your page to watch a music video?? And even if I did wanna, how can I concentrate when there's 4 videos playing??

All those annnnnoying emoticons..Ya know..The ones that say..Diva..Princess etc.. Yes adorable to a certain extent on their own.. Wah liao.Some ppl just take advantage that its all free and paste EVERY available emoticon on their page..Yeah I get it.. You're confused..You started out wanting to be a Princess..Then you saw the irresistable Bitch emoticon..So you put that on too.. Then the Diva one..Then the Love one.. Then the Boys Suck one..And on and on and on.

And a more recent annoyance.. Testis that actually make noise.. Wahhhhh..Bloody irritating laa..

Yeah I know..I spend WAY too much time on Friendster.. What else is there to do..Hehe..

After gym today, I was doing my normal window shopping on the way to my bus stop..And then suddenly this vision in green stands next to me.. *Waves to Malini* Hehee.. Strange how 2 virtual strangers (we know each other thru the blog world only) can click so fast..Hehe..She was a blast to shop with. She made me break my resolve not to shop.. "Its only 9 bucks Sumi!".. The woman knows the way to my heart..She bought me a vanilla milkshake.. A VANILLA MILKSHAKE!!!!! Can I say I love you for that Malini..I really do..Hehee..

Wokay..Off to spend my parents' money..I LOVE shopping with them..I get to buy stuff and not feel the pinch..*Evil grin*


PS: Shankar reminded me that I forgot to mention he's drop dead gorgeous.Hehehe..