Thursday, June 29, 2006

Okie..My hair used to be this brown, blondish mix (points right)...And as
know I got bored of it..So I went to my usual hairdresser..Now this lady has never failed me before, hair wise..The only thing is, she doesnt let me do things I want to do sometimes.. The othertime I did my hair, I wanted a lighter blonde but she's like "Nooo laa..Dun want k.. We just do it this colour"..Like its my hair, my money..But then again, her way always turns out good..

Same thing happened this time..I wanted to cut my hair short for a change..But it was like I told her the worst news on earth la..Her face changed and she wailed.."Nooooooo cannot.." Hahaha.. So I said I want my hair colour to be obvious..And guessing from the pic on your left, you can say I got my wish..Its SUPER red now..Hahaha.. But I like!! Its very me..

Now if I can only stop all the Indian aunties from pointing and staring..
Like seriously..Stop it..The red fades out very fast anyways..To this disgusting brown..

I had a lovely time out with a fren last night..Dinner, movie and hilarious clubbing anecdotes..But I couldn help but stare at everyone who was shopping.. I want to shop too!!! I want my white halter dress from Forever 21..I want my Aldo heels..I want my Topshop skirt..Sigh..I want..I want..I want..