Monday, June 19, 2006

A post dedicated to Mr Rameshwara..

The place: Gotham

So I meet this guy..He's wearing a denim jacket..with denim jeans.. (I hate denim with denim..just makes ya look 5 yrs old..But he claims you can only wear denim with denim). Anyhoo.. we get into this whole Rameshwara vs Movesh spat..The next thing I remember doing is daring him to dance on the table top with me..Which he did (Alot of alcohol was consumed i guess).

Fast forward to morning..and still we're having the dance group arguement over yong tau fu noodles he bought..

Fast forward to today.. Since then I have come to known he thinks actress Shalini is his wife (I personally think the woman needs to invest in good hair conditioner) and Nicole from PCD is his girlfriend (Yeah you and the other disillusioned millions of men in the world). He also makes clubbing plans with you and then disappears.. Oh and he thinks Italy's gonna win the World Cup (Yeah right.. Brazil all the way..Rite chicas?)

So my darling Shankar..You got your shout out.. Though it might not be the one ya wanted.. Okie fine.. I'll do a lil publicity for you.. My lovely single ladies.. Shankar is a sweet, intelligent but somewhat arrogant guy who'll probably take very good care of you.. So you may ask..'Sumi why don't you go after Shankar?'

The answer is very simple..

Movesh and Rameshwara cannot laaaaaaaaaaa... Its like a crime..



(PS: You wanting Shankar's number..You calling me ok?? Or messaging me??)

(PPS: *evil grin*)