Thursday, June 22, 2006

Well fuck me..That Mathilda girl on SI can sing..I mean reallllllllyyy sing.. All the rest can just go cry in a corner laa..But then again..This is Singapore..And she is part Indian.. Who cares if she's talented..Who cares if she looks every bit a Singapore Idol..Yeah I beg to differ Mr Ken Lim..She doesnt look like an Idol??? Why??? Coz she doesnt look like all the other anorexic brooms on the show who think wearing black eyeshadow makes them look cool?? Girl pls..You look like you kena punched in the face by the other black eyeshadow wearing broom next to you..

Yesh..I think the woman has style..Though she should have worn the black outfit for the piano show..But hey.. She still looks very Idol..Hopefully ppl vote based on talent and not 'Oh he's sooooooooooooooo cute' or 'Man she's hot'.. But then again.. This is tv.. And again..This is Singapore.. Ah fuck it all laa.. I wonder why I even bother watching local shows..

Random Thoughts:

How hot is Tyra Banks?? I think the woman's bloody hot.. Like lesbian-feelings-inducing hot.. Yeah just thought I had to let everyone know that..

I spent the whole day organizing my accessories.. I have ALOT..I have TOO much.. But I still want MORE..

I want Ricky Martin served on a platter wearing nothing but that yummy stubble..

I had a lovely night out with my 2 girls at Holland V..Seafood bbq, cheesecake and loud conversation rocks..

I want to be on Project Runway..I can't sew..I can't design..But I just want to be on it..

I wanna go Bangkok..Seriously..I wannnnnnnnnnnnnttttt

I am alone..

I STILL don't understand men..And have given up trying to..

Yesterday was the last night Exotica was in town performing at Gotham..And i DIDN'T go..How sad rite..Half naked men gyrating on stage and I DIDN'T go..*mumbles*

Apparently I not only intimidate men..I intimidate women too..Go figure..

End of random thoughts..

Pshhh..I went shopping with the folks and all I got was a sports bra.. How sad rite..Very sad..Nvm there's still tml.. I get to go shopping tml and you dont! Neh neh ni boo boo..

Yesh I know.. I have become a lil..okie.. ALOT crazy these days.. Its due to the lack of human interaction and not being able to stimulate the grey matter..