Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Wasnt able to post for a week coz I was busy having dance practice..Yes.. Dance practice.. I'm finally dancing again after 2 years..And of all songs.. Varathu varathu..Hahaha.. Yeah..I know. Was fun though..Bonding with Ananthi and Gaya after a long time..It'll only be out in July so I'll have 1 mth to prepare myself emotionally to see my bleh self on TV again..

OOoooo exam results in ohhh..2 hrs or so..Bloody nervous.. Sigh..I cant afford to screw up my bloody last semester.*crosses fingers* I can't believe how relaxed I'm being about my current state of unemployment.. I just wake up..head to the gym..or the library..veg out on the couch..watch countless hours of Oprah..club..and constantly annoy my sister. Hehehe.. Oh well.. Good things happen when you wait right??

Have I mentioned how much I love my house??? Its super happening! I even managed to persuade my parents to get me my swing..The indian kind..Hehehe.. And my room..Ohhhhh.. I LOVE my room.. I just wanna stay there all the time. New stuff has been coming in the whole week.. New fridge, washing machine, aircon, cabinets, beds, stove,sofas.. Phew.. The amount we've been spending is crazy.. I feel guilty at times..But its all worth it!

Okie.Gonna go bite my nails in nervousness now..