Sunday, June 11, 2006

I miss photoblogging..

So much so, that I'm actually contemplating dragging my lazy ass to go fix my digicam..Which btw, everyone thinks I spoilt with my countless self obsessed pics..

Yeah whatever. *Flicks hair*

I didn't go out the whole week except for gym..Sad eh? I know. I think its PMS, but I am feeling the loneliness big time.. BIG TIME. I know I have loads of friends..But sometimes we women just like to torture ourselves and drive ourselves further into depression by listening to sad Tamil songs and crying ourselves to sleep. Or watch sickeningly lovey dovey Hindi movies and cursing viciously at the screen, "Like fuck that will fucking happen in the fucking real world". I was actually snarling at Aishwarya's character until I noticed my sister backing away from me. PMS can be a bitch. And all the weird cravings..Vanilla ice cream and sour prunes..Bleh. Not helping with the weight loss at all Sumi..Not at all.

To add on to the loser-like feelings I was having, I actually went out on a Saturday night with my younger brother and his friends.. Yes.. Me, the social princess.. But his friends are all darlings and we decided to go to Gold Dust to watch Kumar perform..Boy it did wonders for my mood. Kumar is MY SINGAPORE IDOL!!!! He is fuckin hilarious laaa..Laughed till I couldn laugh no more. Then a dose of cheese prata totally vaporised any PMSy feelings I had and I went home a happy girl..

What more could I ask for on a Sunday afternoon than vanilla ice cream and a Vikram movie?? *Drools*

And here..I have a shout out to this very persistent friend of mine, Mr Rameshwara aka Shanker..Who has been begging..ahem..I mean politely asking me how come he's never mentioned on my blog. This is just a preview..Once I get incriminating pics of him, I'll dedicate an entire post to him.. Ok Shanker??? *evil smile*