Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Its been ages rite.. You missed me right??? Rigggghtttt?? *Hmph*

I know.. My bloody comp has been infected with fucking viruses that refuse to leave..

Anyhoo..I just joined California Fitness Gym..

Yes.. I'm now surrounded by gorgeous looking women who love to strip down to nothing in the locker room.. and who also love flashing boobs and butts and what nots in my face after their shower..

I'm serious..

I'm probably the only prude who changes in the toilets and changes in the stall after my shower..

But joining this gym was a great idea.. Now I'm even MORE motivated to get in shape..

I know I haven been posting..I would love too..Esp since I have SO many pics I wanna share.. But my comp refuses to cooperate.. *Pouts*

But I promise to get things going by this week..

And have I mentioned that school has started? And I already have blinding headaches coz of the projects? *Sigh*

Updates soon..