Tuesday, July 05, 2005

All my babes are back from the dreaded Aussie land.. WooHoo!!!

And I have chosen THIS time to be broke.. I blame the GSS..

So I made the mistake of going for DWA Night on Saturday.. For those of us who are above 18 yrs of age.. That means Dancers With Attitude.. Yes.. Very catchy huh.. *Snorts*

I made the even greater mistake of going early coz I was to meet Ananthi there..She was one of the judges for the dance competition. And the bloody entrance was barricaded off with the ticket counter.. So I couldnt even go to the toilet or wait for her inside.. I had to stand out in the carpark looking like an idiot whilst I desperately called everyone who would pick up my call and talk to them, so that I would at least look busy while I waited.

All in all.. I think the show needed better organisation and perhaps more experienced members in their committee.. But other than that, I rather enjoyed the night. What with Tiger Girls screaming their lungs out in my ear for Tiger Boys who were performing on stage.. And other Tiger Girls giving me the evil eye because I forgot to comply with the dress code of wearing something animal print.. Yeah.. Sure.. I enjoyed every minute of it..

And what's with TG and TB going hip hop on us? TG's are wearing racer back tops with baggy pants and visors..And TB's are wearing aviator shades and bling bling earrings with basketball jerseys.. *Shakes head*

School starts on Thurs for me.. On one hand I need to do something besides vegging out infront of the TV.. On the other hand, I think of project deadlines and exams and I want to turn back time. Crap..

And oh.. Men still suck..But maybe they can be trained to become good lil boys one day..
*Evil Grin*