Sunday, July 17, 2005

Yes!!! Mah girls are back.. And we had so much fun over the past 2 weeks.. Hanging out at NYDC..Clubbing and knocking back extremely cheap shots.. Shopping..Gossiping..

I also cut my hair..Though many people don't see the difference.. Maybe coz its still long..But its SO much more manageable.. And I have discovered the art of blow drying my hair.. And I've been a cheapo and blowdrying my hair at the gym instead so that my mum won't keep screaming at me for wasting electricity..

Have I mentioned how much I love my new gym.. Now that I know that I'm paying for the sessions, I'm so much more motivated to go for every session.. Motivation also stems from the bikini-and-hotshorts- clad babes walking around waving to equally hot guys also clad in hot shots..

My brother has finally become a diploma holder.. You have NO idea how dismissive he was of the whole ceremony.. From what to wear to taking photos at the ceremony.. He was so BLAH about it all.. Unlike me.. I chose my sari for my graduation about 4 mths before graduation and if I had a digicam then.. Hmmph..The bloody SD card would be burning with the amount of photos I would have taken.. I already know what colour sari I'm going to get when I graduate from RMIT..

What.. You mean you're suprised? Surely not..Especially if you're a faithful blogder..

Anyhoo.. I'm off to the gym now..And then I'm going to go get the new Harry Potter book.. *Drool*

P.S: Sorry my dear IB babes..I really was feeling horrible yesterday and wouldnt have been good company anyway if I came for the zoo thinghy.. We'll plan for another time k?