Friday, July 22, 2005

I finally got specs I can wear in public.. I love my new specs so much that I've taken to wearing them to the gym in Orchard... Yes..Me and glasses in Orchard.. Hard to believe..But true.

I've learnt my lesson.. The next time Joanne says she needs to go shopping, I will leave my ATM card at home. Coz it doesnt matter if she finds what she wants to buy.. At the end of the day, I always end up with purchases I did not even set out to buy.. Like spending $106 at Bobbi Brown on foundation and concealer.. But I have to say I love them both! They work like a dream.

One of my besties, Monica has gotten into Vasantham Star and her quarter finals recording is this Sunday! I'm so proud and happy for her coz I know how much she has tried and how many disappointments she has gone through to get this far. So come next Sunday, be sure to check her out as well as all her supporters decked out in green!! Just another reason for me to go shop for a green top!

Oo..I have to go get ready for my yoga class.. Can the IB babes pls update your blogs!!! I have nothing to read nowadays!!