Friday, July 29, 2005

The pressure of projects is back..

But somehow I'm stuck in a rut and can't seem to claw my way out. I have no motivation to get up in the morning though I have tons to do. My girls wanna go clubbing on Sat and I'm being a poo poo head by saying I'm not in the mood to go. But I'm sure a glass of Bailey's will cure that. *Winks at Joanne*

Why am I feeling this way? Like I've lost a big chunk of me.. Like I'm supposed to feel down all the time.. My friends tell me I'm overworking myself with the whole gym thing. I nod and say yes.. But I still go and work my ass off coz I know I am not at ALL comfortable with how I look. It's stressful living in Singapore where almost everyone's skinny and you're not.. Not that I wanna be skinny.. I just wanna be comfortable in my own skin and be satisfied with how I look.. And at this point in time..I just don't.

On top of all these unwanted feelings.. I still have a party to plan. A party which is less than a month away and I havent decided what I'm gonna wear yet! See what I mean.. I'm not even bothered about clothes nowadays..

Okie..Feeling all headachy..