Wednesday, July 06, 2005

To Gajen:

I wasn't "judging based on my judgement", as you called it.. I was just expressing how I felt from an audience member's point of view. I know personally how hard it is to produce a show, so all I can offer are constructive criticisms..

I think your members need better communication during the show, so that you are not all running around looking for another person.. And the host during the show was a lil unprofessional. She actually peeked behind the curtains whilst she was talking to the audience and asked the group if they were ready..And it could all be heard coz she was speaking through the mike. And people were walking down from the stage stairs even when groups were performing. This was a lil distracting.. But my main peeve was that the entrance was totally blocked by your ticket counter. This resulted in big groups of people having to crowd around the entrance whilst waiting for friends etc. And what if there were Indian ppl who were not there for the show? What if they were there for some class or something? How would you verify that? So a better suggestion might be to have the ticket counter closer to the hall.

I hope you do take this constructively and not get all defensive about what I said. It's hard to hear criticisms about the show you must have worked so hard for. But I hope what I said will be taken with a pinch of salt.