Friday, July 01, 2005

I went shopping and it's ALL Joanne's fault..

I told her not to let me take out my ATM card..

I told her not to let me enter Forever 21..

But noooooooooooooooooo.. She had to drag me all over Orchard..

Where I spent and spent and spent.. *Guilty face*

But how can i NOT buy $5 pair of heels???

5 freaking bucks.. Not 25..Not 15.. Not even 10... FIVE..

It's White..

So I bought the same thing in black as well!!!

It's Black..

I have also been lusting over these pair of wedges.. But they were 39 bucks the last time I checked.. And yesterday they were $29!!!! Grab!!!

It's Gold..

I also bought my very first shrug.. Only coz I finally managed to get a long sleeved one... I also got 2 skirts.. But I'm so self conscious when I wear one..Only coz I feel it's ever rising and my butt will soon be exposed to the world.. Not a pretty sigh I assure ya..

I love Forever 21's jackets.. So when I saw one marked down to $39 from $78.. I almost had an orgasm.. I jest not..

Money Bye Bye..

I spent money, shopping again today.. I'm such a NETS person.. So I dont even think of how much i'm spending.. Only till I go to draw cash from the ATM, do I notice my balance getting lower and lower..

But hey... It's the freaking GSS!! I'm entitled to shop a lil.. Especially with such great bargains calling out to me left, right and centre when I walk down Orchard Rd.. So to all my ladies.. I say, Bring on the bargains! *Super Shopper pose*

On a another note.. Men suck.. Have I mentioned that? Their loser friends suck even more.. *End of mini rant*