Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I realized Im not content with life..Sure I party,I have a good job, I have an amazing family and fantastic friends..But I have this need to prove something to myself..To push myself harder..I dunno what exactly I have to do but I guess it'll come to me sooner or later..I find myself contemplating how much my life has changed on many long bus rides home..Ive made plenty of new friends..Lost a few old ones..Became a much stronger person..Discovered I can do something if I put my mind to it..And realised that yes..One CAN be happy being single..Yes sure, I still want to fall in love and all but for the moment Im actually happy where I am.The more you go looking for something, the more it will NEVER happen..Like how you go shopping specifically for a white shirt.I swear you will never be able to find the perfect white shirt tat day.But go window shopping with no intentions to buy anything and you may very well end up with that white shirt!
Strange how I associate everything with shopping..Hehehe..
Speaking of shopping,I went shopping with Sung on Fri after a yummy dinner at Hard Rock Cafe (ooo eye candy everywhere!!)..The Chaos sale is AMAZING! I laus laus Chaos esp when everything's going for like 30-50% off the normal prices..So go shop at Chaos!
On to more exciting news..My birthday is a mth's time!!! So excitingggggggggg...I'll update everyone on the party details as soon as Ive settled a few details..But keep the 25th August free k??? *smiles*Till my next random post..Enjoy my random pics with Sung,Vijay and my hotstuff Priyaaaaa!!

PS:The last pic was the last thing I remember doing before I lost all my senses on Sat..Goodness..This is going out to Vijay and Priya..Like seriousssssssllyyy I laus you guys many many and thanks for doing all you did for me on Sat..And without complaints. I seriously doubt anyone else would do the same. *grateful smile*