Thursday, July 26, 2007

Well Well how childish can you be..Since you wanna blog abt us without mentioning names,I'll do the same. Look here missy, we were fine with you till you pulled off super drama mama antics which scared the shit out of us. And seriously I dont need any more secondary school drama in my life. That one night was more than enough for us to see through you. What you couldn confide in us,you spilled in a moment when a guy came along. And you have the cheek to talk about alcohol..I know that comment was directed at me you hypocritical thing. Look who's talking..Whenever we used to meet it was almost always over drinks. And yes we went to Sentosa..Without you..So what?? Just because we went together once doesnt mean we have to go together ALL the bloody time. And the reason why we didn call you is simple..You made a horrific impression on 2 new ppl the day you pulled off your stunt.And those ppl wouldn have felt comfortable with you around tat day. And as for our girlie outings, we've NEVER forced you to come for our manicure sessions or shopping outings. Stop being hypocritical and stop threatening us..You said you'll stamp on anybody who would comment on your post..Bring it on. I dont get angry easily but when I do get angry its for a bloody good reason. And who the hell are YOU to shoo us away.If you havent gotten the hint yet, I seriously hope you have by now. I dunno abt the rest..But I want NOTHING to do with you..Coz I have no space for immature,childish,hypocritical beings like you in my life.

*rant over*