Thursday, July 05, 2007

Weeee..Another 2 weeks of fun,fun,fun!!! Hehe..I know i know..All my updates seem to be of the partying nature..But you see, after working the whole week, all I look forward to is my Sat night clubbing! Or just hanging out with awesome friends..I went to Dbl O on a Thurs coz Sung invited me down with her friends..So I dragged Priya and Sobban along for some 'Lets celebrate coz its 2 days to the weekend' clubbing! Hehe..Then of coz we headed to O Bar on Sat for our usual $12 jugs of yummy vodka cranberry!! Cant believe the ex was there with my group..Sigh..It was hard being normal coz I kept replaying the last time I saw him..Which wasnt a very good memory..But I guess he got what he deserved. As usual me and Priya got click happy with the camera and started our camwhoring..But who doesnt love a good camwhore rite? *Evil smile*

Introducing Vijay..Hehe..What started out throught the wonders of cyberspace,ended up with me getting a job and getting to know a gem of a man..Vijay works in the same building I do..And is turning out to be a wonderful friend who has been there for me when I was really really down. Plus he's been introducing me to all these wonderful people like Arwa,Sung,Danny etc..Plus he wears Polo Black..*Evil Grin* Wats not to like? Hehe..

We celebrated Hamzah's birthday on Fri..Weeeee..Tat was one awesome night..Headed to Rupee Room first..Great ambience but drinks are a lil pricey and service needs to be worked on..But otherwise a wonderful place to chill..Then we headed to Harry's and tat was when it all went downhill for me..I had 1 Long Island Tea at Rupee Room and an Around The World at Harry's..I was in my happy place after tat..I swear tat was the 1st time Sarah and Lilah saw me high..But I'm a fun drunk! After which we all proceeded to Sahara for sheesha..And I desperately wanted a Slow Comfortable Screw..Yess..You heard me rite..Hehe..The drink laaa..Jeezus. Same reactions from Sarah and Vijay tat night too..Though I dont remember alot of the details from tat night, I do remember Sarah licking cream off my neck,Vijay licking Hamzah's arm and me licking my own finger..Hehehe..Told ya it was an awesome night!

And the highlight of the week..I got my tongue pierced!!! I am loving it! Its still swollen and all coz its healing..and I'm talking like a lisping idiot but Im still loving it..It was just a random decision when I was at Far East with Priya waiting for her to get her hair done..Like this lightbulb moment..I NEEDED to get something pierced..And since Ive already gotten my nose,ears and belly button done..Why not the tongue! And it really wasnt painful..Just that the after care is a bitch.Everyone's making fun of the way I talk..But soon I'll be all sexified with my tongue stud..Heheh..So there..

I have to go catch up on my movies..Later..