Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I know ya guys cant see the pics for the previous post..Working on it!! Anyhoo I had an awesome weekend!! Sat I went for the NUS show..Wasnt too bad..But I left in the middle to meet Vijay and Sung at Holland V (Which is becoming my second home these days!)..We had an interesting game of 'Ive Never' !!! Hehe..But I couldnt wait for Sunday coz we were heading to Sentosa to celebrate Lilah's birthday!
Have I mentioned I LOVE Sentosa! We had a ball of a time going on the Skyride..Me being the wimp I am, hung on to the metal bar so tight I swear I left impressions..Hehe..I find all these rides that throw you up into air very unnatural.Im sure God did not mean for us to get whiplash and bruises from rides called Music Dance Dance..Anyways..I LOVE Sentosa!!

Lilah had NO clue we had planned a HUGE suprise for her..She thought it was a girl's day out at the beach..Little did she know we had plenty up our sleeves!! We brought her to Cafe Del Mar on the pretext of getting drinks..And tadaaaaa..There was Hamzah (her husband) and Dave, waiting with her fav cake all lit with candles!!!! She was so shocked she actually shrieked! After all the cake cutting was done we made her open her present! Hehe Sarah and myself got creative with the present and got her..Ahem..A vibrator!! A very pretty one with diamante from this wonderful shop called Oohtique! We were like lil girls stuck in a candy shop..And we also got her a penis shaped lollipop to suck on at Cafe Del Mar..Damn hilarious I tell you!!

I was worn out after the whole day at Sentosa but I still went to Holland V to meet Sung for some girly catch up..I swear she's another one of those ppl you know you can click with. We understand each other right Sung??!! Esp when it comes to choosing pornstar heels!! *winks*

Ooo Oooo..I bumped into Ambi on the train..Hehe..More like she was staring at me and willing me to turn and look at her..Plus she made me stick out my tongue in the train!! Hehe..For your viewing pleasure Ambi! Hehehe...