Friday, July 27, 2007

Sighh..You want to be famous right? You desperately want ppl to know who's the psychotic,childish,hypocritical bitch Im talking abt? Fine HEMA..You can have it.. Seriously, do you think Im affected by digs to my weight??? Haha..It just shows how hypocritical you are..When we went out and all..All you could keep saying was 'oh you guys shouldn lose any more weight..Wont look look good as it is'..Now I have a big fat ass??? I might be fat but at least I am not fugly..Unlike some ppl I know.

Look Hema stop asking me to justify my actions..You dont have any say in this..Its my blog and I will rant if I want to. And you know what..I know EXACTLY wat you are gonna do..You're gonna blog again and you're gonna put my name there..Hahaha..Doesnt affect me in a bit. In fact this is the last time you'll ever grace my blog. You can call me fat,alcoholic, whatever..Im not the one having depression issues..My life is pretty much perfect now. So shout,rant, curse at me for as long as you want..Its just dust off my shoulders.

But stop with the threats laa..As Sarah said Bring it on..Bring whoever you want..Coz we know we did nothing wrong. But to tell you the truth..I dont even wanna dirty my hands with this issue anymore..You mean NOTHING to us now..

So kindly fuck off.