Monday, February 26, 2007

So my lovely sister sponsored a 'Happy Hair Day' out to the salon..Thank god coz my hair was starting to look like crap!!! And she was gonna colour her virgin black hair..So here's both of us acting like dorks on the bus..

And here's both of us posing like dorks at the MRT station..Had to get an 'After' pic rite..And yes it's even MORE obvious that we look alike now.My mum keeps getting confused from the back coz we both have coloured hair now..Hehe

And on to the highlight of the week..Dhool 2007. Never have I gone 48 hrs without sleep.I swear..48 hrs..After shopping for last min costume stuff on Fri, I stayed over at Ananthi's place to piece together costumes, hem coats, cut out PVC material etc..We worked all the way till 9am in the morning and then headed out to Bugis and Tekka to collect stuff..I napped on the bus home, grabbed stuff to wear the next day and headed back to her hse..Once again we worked throught the night and got ready on Sunday morning and headed to the studio. Met Preyaz there who was helping us out..Thanks Preyaz!!

The concept of our dance revolved around broken mannequins coming to life in a mannequin warehouse.So each dancer had a different look..Which the judges probably didn get. *mumbles* But I really loved how the dance came alive with the costumes and body/face paint.It was my first time experimenting with face paint and I was pretty happy with the results. And here are the pics.

So I present to you Ananrchy 99..In my opinion, one of the more creative teams around. We may not have won but at least we went all out to break the stereotype of Indian dance groups. Well done guys..You know we're all proud of you!

Sooo tired..I'm gonna go sleep again. *Yawns*