Thursday, February 22, 2007

Okie random makeup post..Khomi had asked me to do her makeup for an outdoor show thinghy that she was involved in. I swear my camera sucks coz it doesnt pick up on the colours..The eyeshadow was SO much more intense in person..*mumbles* But anyhoo..The woman is gorgeous already esp now she listened to me and got green contacts!! Hehee..

And these were pics taken over the weekend clubbing extravaganza..Haha..My thou got teal and golds done..But once again stupid useless camera didn pick up on the details..Help Vijay!!!

Have I mentioned I LOVE golds and blacks?? I LOVES it..Esp after I discovered this creamy gold base..I swear I have an orgasm everytime I go makeup shopping..Hahhaa..

That's it for now..I wanna thank everyone who has offered me support..Makeup is my passion.And I wanna go far with it. So if you need my services, do email me at and I'll get back to you! Thanks a bunch!


PS: A kind request.. As you know Anarchy 99 is in the finals! You've seen them do amazing stuff with choreography and concept.So please do your part and vote for them as voting makes up 40% of the score..Just send Vote 6 to 73388..Thanks a bunch!!!