Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I had such an eventful weekend..So Sat I finally met Sarah after like ages for threading classes..We looked strange walking around together..Coz she was all sweet in a punjabi suit and I was feeling all hip hop in my outfit..Hehe..But it didn matter coz you put 2 girls together plus Subway cookies and you get a bloody good time..
After threading classes, Ananthi and myself walked all over trying to sort out bits and pieces of Anarchy 99's costumes..And when we got back around 10pm, we couldnt even rest.In fact we stayed up all night and slept for an hour at 6am!! And then woke up an hour later to head to Mediacorp! *faints*
I was kept busy the whole day sorting out costumes and makeup..You cant see it very clearly in the pics but the guys are all wearing false eyelashes with cut out feathers stuck on them..Which yours truly stayed up all night doing..Hehe.

It was all worth it coz the guys rocked the stage!! I mean I didn get a chance to see them rehearse in full costume before..So when I saw them live I was pretty blown away..I was so impressed with the choreography and concept..Though alot of ppl didnt get it..They were like..'Why are they wearing wings?' or "Why was the dance so gayish?'..Tsk tsk..But then again there were alot of ppl who were pretty amazed as well..It was so cool when they walked backstage after their dance and all the other dancers started clapping.Awesome feeling. Rock on Anarchy!!!

Hehehe..Now I cant wait for the finals!!! Ahem..I mean yeah..For Anarchy...Ahem..And of course..*cough cough* Tridiac..*Goofy smile* Is it fate when it turned out we were both wearing red?? Hehhee..Then again the psycho ex also turned up wearing red..But that's another issue..The point is the other male in question was also wearing red!! Hehe..Okie..I'm beginning to sound stalkeristic..*slaps herself*

*Nee Vantha Vaadddddiiii..You Wanna Get Freaky With Me*

*Drools* Hehhehee..I WANT!


(PS:A big hello to Naz..Who came up to me when I was at Mediacorp reception and shocked me by asking if I was Sumi..Hehhee..Thanks for saying hi!!)